Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Took a Trip to Savannah, GA found some awesome things!

Just  got back in from Savannah Ga  and  had a great time there. It  was  the husbands and I 10 year anniversary trip. Savannah is a Beautiful place  you can go from beautiful  historic downtown with all its splendor  to the beach  in less than 20 minutes.  The  locals  seem to have history  all in them.  I seen lots of  women  wearing  very feminine floral dresses, and  vintage clothing. Seem to be the norm  there,  which  was great!  In my town  you get  side ways  glances  if you don't  wear  what Target  has  on the shelves.  I have made it a point  to be a bit more daring in wearing what I want  and  not  so much  as  what  everyone  else  wears.  I like to prance around  at home  in my  vintage  finds  but  rarely  go out  in them  besides  the purses  and  jewelry.

  I  visited some local  thrift shops  and  found  some goodies!!  A  couple  I'm  still debating  rather to sell or not!  One  of  my favorite  finds  is a Rich Deep purple Floor Length thick Velvety Gown with  Satiny ruffles!  It  looks  brand new except  for the union tag!   Also  some  orange and yellow  matching pillow cases and another  silky gown  with  orange and yellow  flowers  very 70s.  It  was a great trip and  hope  to go back  again. Hope  everyone  is having a great week!