Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Reached 50, One month Anniversary, and 10 sales One Happy Camper!

Well I did it I  reached  my 50 mark  actually  52  I think.  Yesterday  Tuesday  was my one month anniversary  on Etsy  lol.  I also  completed  my 10th  sale  too!  What I didn't could on   was all the times it takes  me to do this. Photographing, researching items and  Tags, Listing, Photo editing. I finally  managed to get organised  and  has  made my process easier  and  maybe  faster.. I'm trying  to remember to get on here and blog  and read  others bogs  but  with a hubby  and  2 boys  and one more I keep  all week. Well I'm sure  you guys  know  all about  that.  Where is  the time! I  know  my poor  blog  needs help  I have tried  to post links  to shops  and links to mine as well  with pics  and just  haven't  figured it out yet... Anyone  want to help Ill put your  shop on here lol! Anyway Have a Great day all my wonder full readers!

New listening  Sterling Silver Blue Jewels Van Hall screw back earrings:

Friday, February 18, 2011

I cant reach 50!!

Well I have  been on a mission to  reach  50 items in my store.  But I have a problem  I keep selling  stuff right  when I get close!    I was at  49  today  and  then sold  two  more items! Darn them  buyers are bugging  the  crap out  of me,  I'm am  kidding!  I have enjoyed  a  great  first month.  Speaking of I am  coming up on my 1 month anniversary  this week with 9 sales under my belt  I'm  excited what the  future  holds! With  zero paid advertising  I'm thinking  wow  how  great  could  it be !  Still looking into options facebook  is  looking  nice  so far.  Google Analytics  has  been awesome!   I can  see I get a lot of looky loos from my home town  so I have  held  off on advertising locally on my personal facebook, not seeing anyone local  buying. But who knows..  I  have got most  sales  from CA  and NY.  Oh  update on my camera  I had  the battery compartment  have open that  was why  I  was having  problems how tech  savvy am I ! Hope you guys have a Great weeknd!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Busy Busy! New Dress Form New Camera problems

I  have  been  trying to reach my goal  of  50 listings,  Im at  39.  At  50 Im  going to do  some  paid  advertising  prolly facebook.  But  any way  Great news my dressform  came in today!  Since then I have  been  taking  pics all day.  Then  my new  camera  on off button  isnt  working proporly  it isnt  wanting  to turn on  uggg.  Luckily  we  bought  extended  warenty.  Here is  teh link  to the  dressform  sitting in my  den, take  a look!

Shop  my  Shop :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Investing in my Business New Goodies I purchased today.

I have  been in need of a new  camera  mine  would  go dead every  5minutes.  Made taking pics  very  irritating! I would go  through  a  big  pack of  batters  every two weeks.  My  new  camera  is  a  Cannon  DSLR.  It  was  a discontinued  model  form 2010  they  let us purchase  the  display  at  a  really big  discount.  Hubby  was able  to  talk to the manager  and  get a even better  discount. So  my  first  nice camera!  I'm very excited  to learn all the bells and  whistles! Not to  mention I love  photography  and  have entertained the idea  of  selling  my  stuff  one day hmm... Anyway on to my other  investment  a  Dress Form! It got shipped today I cannot  wait  to  get it  and  see my clothes on it  and  photograph them!  I have lots  of clothes I have  been waiting to  get this  for.  My  current  goal  is  to get to that  magic number 50  in my shop.  When I get  there I will  pay  for  some  advertising  thinking  facebook , etsy,  blogs....Now  I must  say  I  didn't pull this money  out  you know  is tax  time  it  was good  to us  this year ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I got it Bad! Dreaming of Etsy also made my 6th Sale!!!

I made my 6th sale  today my  excitement  is  so high  I  just  cant  get  away from Etsy!  I  am  drowning  in all the information I'm taking  in about  how  to get your  website/shop  out  there.  I never  blogged  until  now  nor have  I ever  heard  of  Google  Analytics, Google Add Words Tool  or  Search engine optimization!  But I'm plugging  in and learning  all I can!   I  just  tackled  learning  the  SEO this morning.  When I finally  found where my  "view "  was for my title  and  meta  something I actually was  tying  to edit  in that box !  I  also  went  to  Google  add word tool  to figure out  what  words I needed  to plug  in my shop  that  was  relevant  and not to vague or out there.  I think I did  a  good  job  time will tell.  Back  to  being a new  Etsy seller.  I'm  am  enjoying  a bit  of  beginners luck I think.  Just  so  much  time  is  invested from  getting  garments ready to  photography of  items to  learning  all this  stuff!   Ok    I dreamed  of  Etsy  last night  no joke :)  I got  it BAd!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adventure in Estate Sales, Off Roading and and Chicken Chaseing!

Me and my family headed  out to a Estate Sale  This  past Saturday.  It  was one of those  way off the beaten  path.  After  driving  down this  quite country road  we came to the  mail box with the correct address.  We  look  up  to  see not a house  but a  very muddy drive way  going straight up.  So I attempt to drive  up it  several times  and only  spin  a little ways up.  After  several attempts  the Husband  knew  he  knew  just  what to do.   His  strategy  was  to back up all the  way  across the  road  onto another  driveway  and  gun  it straight across!  Well  it  works   we barely made it  to the  top.  Finally we  see the house actually a  rather  nice  big  looking house, but  their  is no  yard  and  mud  everywhere.    We walked on broads  until we got to the house  where the owners  was asking  everyone to take  their shoes off .  We  looked around and asked questions the seller wasnt  very  motivaed, wanted top dollar for everything.  I  did manage  to purchase some  vintage  cameras for a decent price.  As  we  were headed  back toward the front of the  house  a  big  roster  walked right in the  front  door.  The  man  told us  of  his pet  chicken   he  apparently  comes in whenever he  wants. Of  course  my boys  loved this  and  took off  after the chicken.  I'm  really glad  they  never  caught it I'm not  sure  what  they  would of done  if they  managed it!  Back  in the  car  we all had  to take off our shoes because  of  all the mud.   We  proceed to back down the  hill. Slipping and sliding  we  head  back down  until the  car  stars to slid  to  the  right,  after  a  few  pull  ups  we  are  straight  again.  Until  the Husband  comes to a stop, I can't  see whats  behind me.  Well its just  a driveway  back on up  so he  does. We  run  right off into a small ditch at  the bottom    full  of  mud.  To make  a  Long  story  shorter  lol.  The  owner had to pull us  out of their  driveway  poor  husband  was covered in mud.  But  yea  I  got  some  Cameras :D

Shopping Trips!

Went  shopping to my “honey hole” yesterday.  Loaded  up  with  8  new  Fab vintage  sheets  and some  Galaxy  Wheatstone Pottery.  I  found  a plate  thought  hmm  this  looks  good  never heard of it before and aparently  neither  did the pricer  as  it  was REALLY cheap!  So  kept  digging  and  a SET  of  2  plates ,  2  salad  plates,  and 2 bowls!  Came  home  did some  research and  wow  worth  a good  penny!  I have  them listed  now  and  pretty decent  views  my shop. Anyway  by  the time I got to Publix  I was  exhausted,  grabed  all our  itmes  including  some  Blue Bell  ice  cream  Southern Savers  had  listed  on Sale .  It  rang  up  full price  so  aprox  $15  out of our  $30  bill was ICE CREAM.. Its  Gold I tell ya lol.  You may ask  why didn’t I catch that well  see I wasnt  there  had  hubby-check out  while I went  for Rain  Checks!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My first Blog!

YAY  my  first  EVER  Blog!  So  my title  says it  all Im  a  stay at  home  mom  of  two boys.   Recently started  a  Etsy  Store  selling  vintage  items!  Makeing  out  good  so  far  made  5 sales  my first  two week!  Also  do  couponing on Wed  only  lol.  Thats  my day  to  match coupons  with  sales.  Weekends  my  family  are  always  on adventures  outdoors  camping, ball,  Geo caching  and Hiking. I plan  on updateing  this  blog  of  all  my adventures outdoors, sales, couponing  ect!