Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adventure in Estate Sales, Off Roading and and Chicken Chaseing!

Me and my family headed  out to a Estate Sale  This  past Saturday.  It  was one of those  way off the beaten  path.  After  driving  down this  quite country road  we came to the  mail box with the correct address.  We  look  up  to  see not a house  but a  very muddy drive way  going straight up.  So I attempt to drive  up it  several times  and only  spin  a little ways up.  After  several attempts  the Husband  knew  he  knew  just  what to do.   His  strategy  was  to back up all the  way  across the  road  onto another  driveway  and  gun  it straight across!  Well  it  works   we barely made it  to the  top.  Finally we  see the house actually a  rather  nice  big  looking house, but  their  is no  yard  and  mud  everywhere.    We walked on broads  until we got to the house  where the owners  was asking  everyone to take  their shoes off .  We  looked around and asked questions the seller wasnt  very  motivaed, wanted top dollar for everything.  I  did manage  to purchase some  vintage  cameras for a decent price.  As  we  were headed  back toward the front of the  house  a  big  roster  walked right in the  front  door.  The  man  told us  of  his pet  chicken   he  apparently  comes in whenever he  wants. Of  course  my boys  loved this  and  took off  after the chicken.  I'm  really glad  they  never  caught it I'm not  sure  what  they  would of done  if they  managed it!  Back  in the  car  we all had  to take off our shoes because  of  all the mud.   We  proceed to back down the  hill. Slipping and sliding  we  head  back down  until the  car  stars to slid  to  the  right,  after  a  few  pull  ups  we  are  straight  again.  Until  the Husband  comes to a stop, I can't  see whats  behind me.  Well its just  a driveway  back on up  so he  does. We  run  right off into a small ditch at  the bottom    full  of  mud.  To make  a  Long  story  shorter  lol.  The  owner had to pull us  out of their  driveway  poor  husband  was covered in mud.  But  yea  I  got  some  Cameras :D

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  1. Hi I found you over at our Etsy Vintage lovers Team and thought well, I will "click here" and Here you are with a great story, love it!
    Will keep checking in to find out about future adventures of treasure hunting!

    For the love of vintage!