Friday, February 18, 2011

I cant reach 50!!

Well I have  been on a mission to  reach  50 items in my store.  But I have a problem  I keep selling  stuff right  when I get close!    I was at  49  today  and  then sold  two  more items! Darn them  buyers are bugging  the  crap out  of me,  I'm am  kidding!  I have enjoyed  a  great  first month.  Speaking of I am  coming up on my 1 month anniversary  this week with 9 sales under my belt  I'm  excited what the  future  holds! With  zero paid advertising  I'm thinking  wow  how  great  could  it be !  Still looking into options facebook  is  looking  nice  so far.  Google Analytics  has  been awesome!   I can  see I get a lot of looky loos from my home town  so I have  held  off on advertising locally on my personal facebook, not seeing anyone local  buying. But who knows..  I  have got most  sales  from CA  and NY.  Oh  update on my camera  I had  the battery compartment  have open that  was why  I  was having  problems how tech  savvy am I ! Hope you guys have a Great weeknd!!


  1. Haha, well that's awesome! It's a lot of work to get lots of stuff up ... but in a few months you'll probably be at 100 I bet! x Nicola

  2. Thanks for the message on my blog and comment about my pictures. I'm not working with the best lighting setup so it takes forever, but I'm working on them. Congrats on your sales and you'll be at 50 soon. Good luck to you!