Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Reached 50, One month Anniversary, and 10 sales One Happy Camper!

Well I did it I  reached  my 50 mark  actually  52  I think.  Yesterday  Tuesday  was my one month anniversary  on Etsy  lol.  I also  completed  my 10th  sale  too!  What I didn't could on   was all the times it takes  me to do this. Photographing, researching items and  Tags, Listing, Photo editing. I finally  managed to get organised  and  has  made my process easier  and  maybe  faster.. I'm trying  to remember to get on here and blog  and read  others bogs  but  with a hubby  and  2 boys  and one more I keep  all week. Well I'm sure  you guys  know  all about  that.  Where is  the time! I  know  my poor  blog  needs help  I have tried  to post links  to shops  and links to mine as well  with pics  and just  haven't  figured it out yet... Anyone  want to help Ill put your  shop on here lol! Anyway Have a Great day all my wonder full readers!

New listening  Sterling Silver Blue Jewels Van Hall screw back earrings:


  1. Congrats !! post any help you need in UEF you'll get lots of response. I'll keep watching too.

  2. Congrats! My goal is to get up to 50 by my vacation in 2 1/2 weeks. My problem is I only want to hunt and thrift. I need to get listing!

    Liz @ Salvaged Style

  3. Congrats!
    New follower from UEF :)

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food