Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping Trips!

Went  shopping to my “honey hole” yesterday.  Loaded  up  with  8  new  Fab vintage  sheets  and some  Galaxy  Wheatstone Pottery.  I  found  a plate  thought  hmm  this  looks  good  never heard of it before and aparently  neither  did the pricer  as  it  was REALLY cheap!  So  kept  digging  and  a SET  of  2  plates ,  2  salad  plates,  and 2 bowls!  Came  home  did some  research and  wow  worth  a good  penny!  I have  them listed  now  and  pretty decent  views  my shop. Anyway  by  the time I got to Publix  I was  exhausted,  grabed  all our  itmes  including  some  Blue Bell  ice  cream  Southern Savers  had  listed  on Sale .  It  rang  up  full price  so  aprox  $15  out of our  $30  bill was ICE CREAM.. Its  Gold I tell ya lol.  You may ask  why didn’t I catch that well  see I wasnt  there  had  hubby-check out  while I went  for Rain  Checks!!

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