Thursday, February 10, 2011

I got it Bad! Dreaming of Etsy also made my 6th Sale!!!

I made my 6th sale  today my  excitement  is  so high  I  just  cant  get  away from Etsy!  I  am  drowning  in all the information I'm taking  in about  how  to get your  website/shop  out  there.  I never  blogged  until  now  nor have  I ever  heard  of  Google  Analytics, Google Add Words Tool  or  Search engine optimization!  But I'm plugging  in and learning  all I can!   I  just  tackled  learning  the  SEO this morning.  When I finally  found where my  "view "  was for my title  and  meta  something I actually was  tying  to edit  in that box !  I  also  went  to  Google  add word tool  to figure out  what  words I needed  to plug  in my shop  that  was  relevant  and not to vague or out there.  I think I did  a  good  job  time will tell.  Back  to  being a new  Etsy seller.  I'm  am  enjoying  a bit  of  beginners luck I think.  Just  so  much  time  is  invested from  getting  garments ready to  photography of  items to  learning  all this  stuff!   Ok    I dreamed  of  Etsy  last night  no joke :)  I got  it BAd!


  1. Hey Prestons... congrats on the sale! I am in the same place you are right now... just had my 10th sale and I'm HOOKED. Check out the Etsy Blog Team...

    Great group over there that will really help you get your blog rolling along... good luck!

  2. Saw you on the etsy vintage lovers team. Well done on your sales! I have a new store too and it's exciting getting sales, we just got our 12th! We also have a new blog -
    x Mel DRV)

  3. Thanks you too! Im following you now :)