Friday, February 11, 2011

Investing in my Business New Goodies I purchased today.

I have  been in need of a new  camera  mine  would  go dead every  5minutes.  Made taking pics  very  irritating! I would go  through  a  big  pack of  batters  every two weeks.  My  new  camera  is  a  Cannon  DSLR.  It  was  a discontinued  model  form 2010  they  let us purchase  the  display  at  a  really big  discount.  Hubby  was able  to  talk to the manager  and  get a even better  discount. So  my  first  nice camera!  I'm very excited  to learn all the bells and  whistles! Not to  mention I love  photography  and  have entertained the idea  of  selling  my  stuff  one day hmm... Anyway on to my other  investment  a  Dress Form! It got shipped today I cannot  wait  to  get it  and  see my clothes on it  and  photograph them!  I have lots  of clothes I have  been waiting to  get this  for.  My  current  goal  is  to get to that  magic number 50  in my shop.  When I get  there I will  pay  for  some  advertising  thinking  facebook , etsy,  blogs....Now  I must  say  I  didn't pull this money  out  you know  is tax  time  it  was good  to us  this year ;)

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